Casey Anthony’s Father Is ‘Outraged and Appalled’ at Allegations of Molestation: ‘He Denies It All’

Casey Anthony’s dad is faltering from his little lady’s new meeting — and is contemplating making a decent switch in opposition to her. Casey, presently 36, is telling her variant of occasions on Casey Anthony: The place Actuality Lies, a three-section restricted sequence that’s for the time being gushing on Peacock. Inside the docuseries, she plunks down for her most memorable on-camera interview of all time.

All through her broad meeting, Anthony drops only a few stunners — and expounds on costs that she had been bodily manhandled by her dad, George.

(He eagerly denied her situations in courtroom and has on no account been charged. He didn’t return Individuals’ directives for enter.)

She furthermore conjectures that George may have organized Caylee’s suffocating to cover that he had been manhandling his granddaughter.

George Anthony, presently 71, is conscious of about his lady’s new costs in opposition to him. As per a provide inside the Anthony family’s inward circle, he’s crushed on the situations.

“He’s offended and dismayed,” the insider tells Individuals. “It wasn’t appropriate in 2011, and it’s false at this degree. He denies each little factor, and may keep it up denying each little factor until his ultimate breath.”

“George is conserving a extraordinarily spectacular exterior, however this destroys him,” the insider proceeds. “He really adores his lady, and he cherished his granddaughter.

So that’s earlier tough for him.” Inside the docuseries, Casey Anthony gives her variant of what occurred on June 16, 2008, when Caylee was most not too way back seen.

“I wasn’t feeling that extraordinary, and I needed to set down,” she talked about in the middle of the docuseries. “I had her lay in mattress with me.”

“I was awoken by [my father] shaking me and asking me the place Caylee was,” she proceeds. “That didn’t seem OK.

She may on no account at any degree depart my room with out telling me. I shortly began testing the house. I head exterior and I’m hoping to see the place she may presumably be.”

Casey says she then observed George Anthony holding her little lady. “He was remaining there alongside along with her,” she says. “She was splashing moist. He gave her to me.

Talked about it was my shortcoming. That I led to it. In any case, he didn’t race to call 911 and he wasn’t attempting to revive her. I fell alongside along with her in my arms. She was weighty, and he or she was chilly.”

“He takes her from me and he promptly loosen up his tone and says ‘It will be alright.’ I needed to perception him. He took her from me and he disappeared.”

Casey says she went to remain alongside along with her then-sweetheart, Tony Lazzaro — however she didn’t let anybody know what had occurred.

She says she wasn’t almost totally optimistic, hopefully not by mistake, that Caylee was ineffective. “By way of the 31 days, I truly accepted that Caylee was as however alive,” she says.

“My dad continued to let me know she was alright. I needed to proceed to stay to his directions. He guided me. I attempted to go about as anticipated as attainable.”

As per the insider, George was suspicious when he initially heard her story. “George realized he would have been blamed, however didn’t anticipate that she must run him over so sometimes,” says the Anthony family provide. “She supported up the transport and ran him again and again. He’s truly wounded by it.”

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